Update on new village broadband option

We have 5 users on the new Cotswold Wireless broadband and after some initial teething problems we are seeing data speeds of between 15-20Mb. Cotswold Wireless have also updated their system to provide a dedicated aerial on the Braydon Water Tower to serve the village.

Speeds in the village using terrestrial copper broadband prior to the availability of the CW solution were between 0.8 and 2M, so the improvement is significant. Installation of equipment has taken around 2 hours per house.

The unanimous consensus of current users is very positive. I am sure others will add to the feedback as we see greater numbers adopting the new service.

For those who are interested in adopting the new system please visit their website to find out more. Select the service you are interested in and press ‘Learn More‘ and then ‘Order‘. This process puts you under no obligation. Cotswold Wireless will then contact you to undertake a survey and installation. Given the fact we now have the local repeater there should be coverage for the whole of the village and Cloatley Road.

If you have any questions feel free to call me on 07785 106035.

Geoff Preston

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