Hankerton Village Signs


Good news for Hankerton Village. The New Hankerton Village signs have now been installed to the main routes of the village and these 3 new signs commemorate the Diamond Jubilee recently achieved by Her Majesty in 2012.

The signs were instigated by a suggestion by an Anonymous Benefactor who wanted to buy one of the signs for the village. It was decided by Hankerton PC that it would be a good idea to do the same with the other village signs, so the project was put in motion.

The project did take some time due to problems at WC and because of this they have decided to cover all of the costs much to our benefit. So we thank the WC for their generosity.

The other news is that we have sold all the old signs to 3 people in the village and have raised £60 to add to our village precept funds.

Good news all round.

From Hankerton Parish Council

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