Burglary Upper Minety

The following Neighborhood Watch message has been forwarded on by Claudine Pynn (Thanks Claudine) >>>

Please be aware that there was a non dwelling Burglary in Upper Minety during yesterday 07/08/14 at the end of crossing lane. A stable block was entered which was unlocked and items of tack plus other items taken. Please see attached list. The window of opportunity was only about 15mins and from my initial enquiries I would suggest that the suspect vehicle would have been parked in Crossing lane at the Upper Minety end. This would have been between 4pm -420pm. Unfortunately because of the crossing works there are a lot of vehicles going up and down what would normally be a quiet road.

Items taken:

  • Stihl petrol leaf blower with vacuum attachment (FS240 C-E)
  • Stihl petrol strimmer (FS240C-E)
  • Stihl Chainsaw (MS 260) and 2 spare chains
  • Stihl Petrol hedge cutter (HS56)
  • Paslode IM350-90mm nail gun in its orange box
  • Dewalt power tools
  • DC988 XRP drill
  • DCG41N Grinder
  • DCS391XR Circular Saw
  • DCF885N Impact wrench
  • 6 x 18v XRP batteries
  • 1 mains deWalt charger
  • 1 K4 Karcher pressure washer – black lance with grey tape around the handle, the top handle was broken.
  • 1 k5 Karcher pressure washer in its box
  • 2 Black Country saddles

There have also been 3 dwelling burglaries in Ashton Keynes  in the last 2 weeks where jewellery and cash have been targeted, Whilst occupants away on holiday.

Cleveland Farm quarry in Ashton Keynes was broken into over last week end with walkie talkie radios being taken of Motorola make and damaged caused by plant machinery being started up. This quarry on Fridays ham lane is bordered by public footpaths and maybe someone may have heard or saw something whilst on a walk. I would suppose the break in would have occurred on the Sunday – 03/08/14

The inclusion of the property list is to make people aware in case they are offered for sale, in particular the two saddles.

Steve HARVEY PC 1589
Community Bet Manager

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