I hesitated before doing this as it almost felt like a “misuse” of my position as manager of the website, but I decided in the end that I would do it for anyone else so I’d go ahead.

To non dog people my apologies. I know you think dog owners are nuts (I used to be a non owner myself !) but to those of us that ARE owners, the attachment that we have to our dogs is  similar to that we have to our children. Perhaps that’s “wrong”, perhaps that’s “right” but that isn’t really the point – its just how we feel.

Our Dalmatian, Daisy died last week after a four month battle with cancer.  During that time we have been constantly asked for updates from lots of people around the village. People who seemed to be genuinely concerned.

And since she died last week we have had calls, emails, and cards from people all around the area.

Both Jill and I wanted to let you all know just how touched we’ve been by this. At a difficult time for us that sort of support from such lovely people has really helped.

So Thank You.

Simon & Jill


1 thought on “Daisy

  1. julie

    So sorry to hear Simon and our thoughts are with you, Jill and Max. A beautiful lady will be missed by everyone (and their dogs).


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