Grand Opening – Hankerton Bridge !

The work on Hankerton Bridge is now nearly complete.

There will be a village Bridge Opening Event this Thursday (2nd April) at 1200.


Please feel free to turn up and meet the engineers whilst enjoying a glass of fizz, a few nibbles, and watching one of Bunny’s vintage cars perform the opening run !




2 thoughts on “Grand Opening – Hankerton Bridge !

  1. Heather Goodwin

    Hi Simon, Have really appreciated the up dates on the bridge works! It’s great news that they will soon be finished although I must admit that we have enjoyed the absence of traffic – perhaps we can keep the opening a secret from the rest of the world! Will try hard to be at the re-opening on Thursday Regards Heather

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  2. simonkearsley Post author

    Thanks Heather – I know what you mean ! I just hope that people have got used to using other routes by now.
    I have to say though – the engineer running the work has been fantastic. The progress reports have been spot on.


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