Hankerton History Group Next Meeting

The next meeting of HHG will be in the North aisle of Hankerton church at 7.30 on 5th May.

The meeting will begin with our usual abbreviated AGM (10 minutes is the record). This will be followed by a talk and discussion on the origins of Hankerton boundaries and the main use of the rights of way that exist today. You will have me as your speaker (God bless you). And as these can be quite contentious in historical terms it should be a good evening!!!


1 thought on “Hankerton History Group Next Meeting

  1. Ron Payne

    Hi, went for a walk around Hankerton today, was going to try a few footpaths but found the first two of them to be through growing crops!! Needless to say we didn’t proceed but walked the roads instead. Would appreciate a few words on the footpaths please. Ron Payne (a resident from 1947 to 1971!)


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