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Poppy Appeal for Royal British Legion


I am the authorised collector for Hankerton. Although I try and walk round most of the village, several of you were out this morning. If you would like a poppy, please phone or pop in (pun intended) to The Old School House, next to the church, anytime up to 7th November. I will deliver to any house that would like poppies.

Philip Carter 575465

Mobile Village Shop ?

The following message has come from Wiltshire Council. Does anyone (it doesn’t have to be a Parish Councillor) have an interest in this project and want to represent Hankerton ?

Leave a comment on this page and I’ll pass it on.

Recently at a Crudwell Parish Council Meeting it was brought up to develop the idea of a mobile village shop to serve the villages in the Malmesbury Community Area that are without a local shop. To discuss ideas, logistics and ways forward, I would like to set up a working group. Please could you share this with your parish councillors and invite one of them to represent your parish. When I have a list of names and contact details I will arrange a meeting.

Many Thanks,
Ollie Phipps
Community Engagement Manager

Malmesbury Community Area
Communities & Communications

Postal Address:
Wiltshire Council
Monkton Park|Chippenham|SN15 1ER