Solar Panel Debate

There seems to be much discussion about a recent planning application for solar panels.

I think it’s important to keep the village website as a resource for everyone who lives here so rather than express my own views on this subject I thought I would set out the facts that I have and provide a platform for others to express their views.

If you want to look at the planning application itself then click here. The application is 15/08832/FUL

I have extracted a few key documents from the planning site to make things easier.

The original planning application : Planning App
The Location : Location Plan
The justification for the design : Justification

There are a number of items of feedback on the planning site. Rather than include them all here when they can be easily accessed on the planning site I have extracted the key ones.

Julia Hart’s objection which covers the objections most comprehensively and covers all similar points made by others : Julia Hart
The comments from the County Archaeologist : Archaeology Comments
The comments from the Parish Council : Parish Council

I am also aware of other comments from people objecting to the development on the grounds that the government’s renewable energy policy with respect to solar panels is flawed but I could find no examples of this on the planning website.

If anyone wants to comment then please feel free !   I’ll pass all comments on “as is” as long as they’re not abusive !


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