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Would You Like To Be A Parish Councillor ?

Hankerton Parish Council has a vacancy for a councillor, to May 2017. Information about the Parish Council is at

The Parish Council will decide who will fill the position at its meeting on Monday 5 September, 7.30pm; North Aisle. If two or more people put themselves forward candidates will be asked to speak at the meeting for up to two minutes to say why they should be selected.

If you want to be considered for the position please contact the Parish Clerk, Michael Bromley Gardner, by 31 August:; 01666 822186.

John Thorne


Sherston Boules Festival


Hankerton entered its first-ever team in the Sherston Boules festival on Saturday July 16.

Playing under the name Petanqerton (I’ve been waiting ages to fit that in somewhere!) the team of Terry Mockler, John Edwards & Brian Dalton won their first game 11-5 , then were narrowly defeated in the second 9-11, but concluded that we had put in a creditable performance.

Some considerable brain-power was used, as can be seen by the pensive expressions on the attached pic !

An enjoyable time was had by all: how about we enter more teams next year?

Terry Mockler