St Lull of Malmesbury

The History Group has been invited to this talk to be given in Malmesbury as part of the Carnival week.

These are the details:

Local historian, Tony McAleavy is giving a talk about the remarkable but little-known Saint Lull of Malmesbury at the Town Hall on 1 September at 7.30. 4355

Lull lived long ago in the 8th century. Amazingly about 50 letters to and from Lull have survived in the archives of Austrian National Library Vienna and they give us a detailed picture of his personality and career.

Having been a monk in Malmesbury, he undertook an extraordinary journey to Rome and then on to Germany, where he became the key lieutenant to the missionary to the Germans, Saint Boniface.

Tickets cost £7.00 and the proceeds all go to the good causes sponsored by the Malmesbury Carnival. The tickets are available from the Carnival box office at the Town Hall in Malmesbury or online via the Malmesbury Carnival 2016 website.

Lull was the founder of a major monastery in the town of Hersfeld in Hesse, Germany and visitors from Hersfeld will be present at the talk.


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