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History Group Dates For Your Diary

January 31st – research visit to Chippenham 10am. start. Bunny to email for documents on Cloatley manor to be available.
Cloatley Manor is to be our research, reporting back and publishing project for 2017.

February 14 – finds and sorting activity afternoon in the church. Metal detecting finds to be sorted and labelled. Pottery fragments to be identified and recorded.
1.30-4pm. Susan will bring refreshments.

March 28 – AGM. Tony Mims will come and talk about his finds in Hankerton and the Roman coin hoard he unearthed in Garsdon.

April 25 – general meeting – Know your place/On-line Parish clerk.

May 23 – general meeting.

We hope to start metal detecting in March.

Bunny Lees-Smith

Holiday Lets

Does anyone know of any holiday let properties in the area ?

I’m looking for something for two people for a couple of weeks from 6th Feb ideally close (within 10 miles ?) to our house in Hankerton.

If you do, please mail me on or call 01666 577781.



Churchyard Chestnut


The large chestnut tree near the church gate, by the green, has been dying slowly over recent years and observant walkers last summer will have noticed that it had virtually no leaf in August.

Old chestnuts have a habit of suddenly dropping a large branch. Following a professional survey, it has been decided to remove the tree and the necessary permission has been obtained.

The tree is being fully cut down and removed on 23rd and 24th January. Please avoid parking round the green. It is intended to plant a new tree in the Spring, possibly a lime to match the one on the other side of the gate or a beech.

Any questions to Philip Carter, churchwarden, Tel 575465

Philip Carter 



Granite Stone by Church Gate Missing

Over the weekend, 14th/15th January, the round stone kept by the main church gate, has been removed. It is deliberately kept there, for when the gate is open and it is breezy, in order to hold the gate in place. It might look good on somebody’s rockery but it is by the church gate for a purpose!

Please return it, if you have it. It comes from one of the Scottish islands and was collected during some beachcombing, so it has sentimental value as well.

The stone is not exactly round but more the size and shape of an ostrich egg but, being made of granite, it is heavy.

Philip Carter, Old School House, Church Lane