History Group Dates For Your Diary

January 31st – research visit to Chippenham 10am. start. Bunny to email for documents on Cloatley manor to be available.
Cloatley Manor is to be our research, reporting back and publishing project for 2017.

February 14 – finds and sorting activity afternoon in the church. Metal detecting finds to be sorted and labelled. Pottery fragments to be identified and recorded.
1.30-4pm. Susan will bring refreshments.

March 28 – AGM. Tony Mims will come and talk about his finds in Hankerton and the Roman coin hoard he unearthed in Garsdon.

April 25 – general meeting – Know your place/On-line Parish clerk.

May 23 – general meeting.

We hope to start metal detecting in March.

Bunny Lees-Smith

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