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Charlton Village Hall

Hankerton Parish Council has invited Charlton Recreational Centre (aka Charlton Village Hall) to provide the people of Hankerton with more information about our facilities.

They have requested that we advertise ourselves in a variety of ways; including posters (on the noticeboards in the Church and at the bus stop) and details of our charges in the Grapevine and on the website.

I have attached the poster <Advert Poster 17-03> and the information on charges and would be grateful if you would use them to communicate to the website’s user group.

Additionally would you find a permanent home on the website for the charges information so that people can access it in the future.

Here’s the charges information : Charlton Village Hall Hire Note for Mags 17-03
There’s also a link to the Village Hall website on the Useful Links Page <Click Here>
[Website Editor]

Best Regards
Anne Hodgkins

Advance notice of road closures for Wessex Water works

Wessex Water plan to line sewer pipes in Hankerton to prevent ingress of surface water and subsequent overloading of the sewers during periods of high rainfall.

The affected roads are Chapel Lane, Church Lane and the section of Cloatley Road between them, plus a short section of the lane near the entrance to Follyfield and another adjacent to Hankerton Bridge pumping station.

The planned period is from 11 September to 3 October. Further details later.

David Pynn


Hankerton History Group AGM and Metal Detecting Finds

TUESDAY MARCH 28th. 2017 7:30 p.m.
North Aisle, Hankerton Church.
Hankerton History Group  AGM.

A brief presentation of a year’s events, accounts and overview of what’s to come.

We would welcome new members to join the committee or ideas of events to run, we do not have a formal membership – everyone is welcome to come along .

Followed by:
Speaker:   Tony Mims. (mimzy)

A Presentation of metal detecting finds in Hankerton and surrounding villages.

Come along to see this exhibition, listen to Tony’s experiences(which include finding a hoard of 1266 Roman coins locally) and try to answer the quiz questions!

Refreshments.        Entry: £3.00. (no tickets required)
Everyone welcome.       Information: Contact Susan  577526