A visit to Oakham Treasures and a late lunch Thursday 27th April

Dear members and friends,
Most of you will be aware that from time to time we join with other societies such as the Cirencester Science & Technology Society and the Fairford Classic Car Club in organising visits to places of interest. Members and their guests are invited to the following:-

A visit to Oakham Treasures and a late lunch Thursday 27th April.

What is it that really turns one on as you advance in years? For most of us it is reminiscing about our past and what it was like in the ‘Old Days’.
Here is the chance with a welcome to Oakham Treasures, an award winning collection of memorabilia from the last century (no, not the 19th but the 20th when you all grew up). It will enchant and amaze you, bring back vivid memories for anybody over 50, and may in fact bring you to happy tears.
It is a huge collection by one man of retail and farming equipment with a few cars, bikes, railways, tractors, you name it, it is probably in the collection. There are some five halls to explore, all on one floor so the less able can easily get around.
Coffee and cakes are there to greet us on arrival and we have a pub/restaurant within easy reach for a late lunch of your choice.
Oakham Treasures are located just off the M5 at Gordano (jct 19). Best to use cars which are motorway capable. The entry charge is £8 or £7 concession. If there are enough of us we probably can get a group rate and if even more a coach may be the best way.
The plan would be to meet at the museum in mid-morning and have a scenic drive back after lunch over the Brunel’s Clifton Suspension bridge (there is a small toll) to north of the M4.
Please email Bunny ( bunnyleessmith@btinternet.com) to express your interest right now with the number of persons – time is short!


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