Hankerton Broadband

As many of you may be aware, a significant number of village residents seem to be having problems with their fixed line (typically BT) broadband at the moment. Some people are getting lower speeds than promised, some people are having trouble getting connected and some people have been experiencing a general reduction in speed over the past month or so.

The speed reduction issue appears to have occurred early in March and impacts fixed wire broadband (not the wireless service) serving the village. It manifests itself as a significant reduction (between 30-50%) in speed. Residents have tried to engage with BT, BT Business , Talktalk and other service providers who use the fixed wire infrastructure provided by Openreach.

Whilst Openreach (and Kelly Communications) have been seen in the village we have seen little apparent improvement and the service providers deal with each issue as a one-on-one discussion rather than looking at the problem in the context of a wider issue. Consequently, they perform a line test and if no issue is reported by their test systems, they state there is no issue.

To gauge the full extent of the problem and hopefully assist Openreach in resolving the issue we would appreciate it if residents who have any problem with their broadband service  get in touch and indicate :-

  • The service provider (eg. BT, BT Business, etc.)
  • The impacted phone number
  • The problem that they are having
  • Where this is a speed reduction, the scale of the reduction and if they have it, evidence of the reduction.

We will collate this information and report the issue as a generic trouble ticket, covering multiple numbers directly with Openreach. We will ensure Wiltshire Council are apprised of the ongoing issues via the Parish Council.

If you have been impacted then please contact Geoff at geoff@geoff-preston.com

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