What kind of horses go out after dusk?

Nightmares !  (boom boom)

It’s the annual Charlton Park Funride this Sunday (18th) !


The event has both short and long routes and the long route brings the horses along the bridlepath to Bullocks Horn, down to Cloatley Road, into the village, and then out down the small lane past the Old Post Office.

The route will be signposted with orange signs and orange ribbons and I would have thought that horses would start to appear in the village from around 10:45. The organisers typically remove the signage the same day or the day after.

The event is organised by the North Wiltshire Saddle Club which is a friendly local club that organises various events for local riders throughout the year. The funride is a charity event supporting Charlton Church, Riding for the Disabled, and The Air Ambulance.

You can see the event page <here> and if you can ride why not have a go ?   It’s just a turn up on the day thing.

They’re a friendly lot so give them a wave as they pass !

and finally….

What do you call a well balanced horse?

Stable !

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