A “Thank You” From Heather and Mike Goodwin

On 20th May this year, our daughter, Rebecca, was married at Holy Cross Church and we were reminded of why Hankerton is such a wonderfully supportive village in which to live. We were truly grateful for the offers of help we received in the months before and on the day of the wedding from fellow villagers and would like to take a moment to thank them all.

To Ted and Catherine for offering their field to site a marquee, to Chris Jarvis for her offer to help with the floral arrangements, to Carrol for offering accommodation for our guests, to Chris Betts for organising a team of ladies and gentlemen to give our church a thorough clean and to those who were part of that team – many thanks.

We really appreciated those residents of Church Lane who allowed our guests to park in their driveways and Mike Geake and Tony Jarvis, our very special parking supervisors who worked valiantly in the pouring rain to ensure that cars were parked sensibly. Also thanks to Philip Carter who did sterling work with umbrellas, allowing our guests to arrive at the church in a dry state.

Lorraine and Valerie ensured that our florist, Emily, was looked after in the church on Saturday morning and Valerie looked after the church flowers while we were on holiday – sincere thanks to you both.

Finally, to Carrol and June who braved the inclement weather to see guests and the bridal party arrive at the church – thank you!

We’re sure that we have forgotten someone in our list but please be assured that all your efforts and time were very much appreciated by our family.

Hankerton is, indeed, a very special village in which to live!

Heather and Mike Goodwin

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