Message From Nicki Robinson

Hi there
My family and I are moving into Hankerton woopee!! 3 Hillwell . on the Tuesday the 18th of July however the removal and 19th of July, all of our belongings are staying in storage overnight of the 18th which means I have no freezer until the next day approx 10/12noon on the Wednesday is there any body who might have a little bit of space in their freezer please if I can put it into carrier bags and into a cold box for the journey down, might there be anyone who might have a bit of room in their freezer just until our freezers arrive the following day, Please can you let me know if anyone can donate us some freezer space as we don’t really want to be giving food away as the move is costing us enough. Thanks so much and if this isn’t allowed to be posted Simon please do delete it. Also can the young girl who does the pet sitting please check her email, as I have sent her a message re. the move.
Thankyou so much please contact me asap if you might be able to help.
Nikx Robinson.

1 thought on “Message From Nicki Robinson

  1. Mary O'Brien

    Hi Nicki, not sure if you were talking about my daughter, Lauren, when you said about the young girl who does the pet sitting…she has an advert on here but has recently changed her e-mail address to -what is it that you need?


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