A Playground For Hankerton !

We need your input and advice on early plans to build and install a playground in Hankerton.

With so many families in the area it would be great to have a facility where we can all meet and play together. But we need your help….

So come along and find out more at North Aisle, Holy Cross Church, Hankerton
at 12pm on Saturday 3rd March 2018

Tea, Coffee, Squash and Biscuits provided
Children very welcome


1 thought on “A Playground For Hankerton !

  1. A Newman

    So I often wonder what the purpose of the Parish Council is and in fact what it’s priorities might be, security and safety of its parishioners or maybe the state of the roads in the village and the fact very soon we may need a tractor to get out of the village, just maybe they should be on the county councils case every day on that issue.
    But ooh no we are wasting time on a village playground to be constructed on a piece of land that has been left to rot for the last 30 years, well until it was converted into amenity area again never used and is again a wilderness because no one maintains it.
    So the playground, who thought of that ridiculous idea, firstly on a cost benefit alone this should be a non starter, the cost of equipment the ongoing maintenance (who will do this ) and insurance of the equipment V the number of children under 10 who are going to use it can never make this investment worthwhile. How many households are actually going to benefit?.
    You as council have already increased our parish tax this year to pay for commitments we already have are you also expecting to increase our payments year on year to cover maintenance costs?, let’s also not forget this is next to a pond which occasionally floods and on a blind corner and as no one ever walks children brought here where would they park?
    There are playgrounds in Charlton, Malmesbury and Crudwell so I see zero need for this, no benefit to the village and potentially a huge burden and will go the way of the amenity area, it will just never be used enough to warrant the outlay and ongoing costs


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