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Hankerton Community Area

Thank you to everyone who attended the initial meeting at the North Aisle on 3rd March. It was fantastic to see so many of you there and sign up to be part of the committee group moving forward. The committee has now formed and the first meeting was on Saturday 10th March.

We have allocated roles for groups to look into the following four areas:
• Risk Assessment and Insurance
• Grants and Funding
• Amenities
• Site Preparation (including fencing) and Maintenance

Collectively, we will now explore the best use of the land to benefit the community as a whole.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, we would be very interested to hear from you either via email: or by posting them to either 31, or 12 Follyfield. Any feedback will be passed to the committee at our next meeting in April.

Emma Watts & Ellen Lambert-Jones
Communications Team
Community Area Committee

National Campaign on Breast Cancer

As part of the PPG update last night I mentioned about a press release which might be useful to distribute to the village residents but it will have ended by the time the next edition of the Grapevine is issued. Could it be added to the Hankerton web site instead please.

There was a press release by Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group – Be Clear on Cancer – which was promoting a national campaign on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer aimed at women aged 70 and over.

The campaign runs until end of March 2018 and further information can be found on the following webb site.

Kind regards


Snow !

It’s behind you Mia !

I’ve been sent a few pictures of the recent snow around the village (thanks Geoff !).

I’ve now created a page in the “Galleries” section of the website – If anyone has any pictures of the snow, please can you send them to me at and I’ll add them to the gallery.

Many thanks,





Ice !

Morning all,

The image above is a clear pane of glass from the back of my house (East facing).  It’s real “frosted glass” caused by rain overnight that then froze.

I assume that it will be all over the roads as well so watch your step !