Hankerton Community Area

Thank you to everyone who attended the initial meeting at the North Aisle on 3rd March. It was fantastic to see so many of you there and sign up to be part of the committee group moving forward. The committee has now formed and the first meeting was on Saturday 10th March.

We have allocated roles for groups to look into the following four areas:
• Risk Assessment and Insurance
• Grants and Funding
• Amenities
• Site Preparation (including fencing) and Maintenance

Collectively, we will now explore the best use of the land to benefit the community as a whole.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, we would be very interested to hear from you either via email: hankertoncommunityarea@outlook.com or by posting them to either 31, or 12 Follyfield. Any feedback will be passed to the committee at our next meeting in April.

Emma Watts & Ellen Lambert-Jones
Communications Team
Community Area Committee

1 thought on “Hankerton Community Area

  1. A J Newman

    So I attended the meeting and left my email as an interested party to join the committee, however I now see the committee has been formed, it is therefore disappointing to see that no email was sent informing me that the committee was formed, has it therefore been formed by only those parties who have a vested interest in setting up the playground without any check and balance


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