Hankerton History Display

Dear Friends

We have been lucky enough to be invited to put on a display about the history of Hankerton at the Cricklade Museum. It opens on this Saturday at 10am. It will not be a formal opening in any way but it would be nice if you have the time to see what is being done. The exhibition will be open for considerable period of this year. Entrance is of course free and parking is usually available just outside.

For those who visited our show at the Athelstan Museum over the Xmas period I should emphasize this is a very much an update show with very much more modern and changed theme. The address is 16 Calcutt Street, Cricklade, SN6 6BD. In simple terms go to the centre of Cricklade to the mini roundabout in front of the now closed Vale Hotel. Turn towards Swindon and the A417 into Calcutt Street. Proceed about 200yards and on your left is the Museum housed in the Old Chapel.

The museum opens on Wednesday 2-4pm and Saturday10-12noon.It will also open by request if you ring 07453 766744.

Any questions ring Susan or Bunny.


1 thought on “Hankerton History Display

  1. ronald.payne1

    Hi, I was born in Hankerton and lived there for the first 24 years of my life!  Today I visited the exhibition at Cricklade Museum.  We found it fascinating and would you please pass on my congratulations to tbe person who undertook this painstaking research.  I even found out something about a family friend that I never knew!! Kind regards Ron Payne (ex Chapel Cottage, 1947-1971)

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