Monthly Archives: June 2018

Changes to Recycling

From the 30 July 2018 the materials that people can recycle at home from the kerbside is changing. In addition to cardboard and plastic bottles, people will be able to recycle food and drink cartons, plastic pots, tubs and trays in their blue lidded bin.

Recycling Advert

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The CQC has recently carried out a health and care system review for Wiltshire. More information about their findings, together with a link to their full report, can be found here:

One of the actions coming out of the review is for Wiltshire Council and Wiltshire CCG (and other healthcare partners) to agree a single, overarching strategy for the way health and care services are provided in the county.

To help Wiltshire Council do this they have devised a survey to seek Wiltshire people’s views and thoughts about what is most important to them about their health and care strategy.

If you’d like to have a say the link to the survey is below. The survey is open until 12 noon 3rd July.


Balloon Over Hankerton

The evening of 22 June saw an unexpected visitor coming in on the infrequent northerly breeze. The balloon was descending rapidly and I thought it would touch down in the village. The burners were full on and eventually the balloon gained height and was away.

Mike Goodyer