Charlton 150 Club

Charlton 150 Club

The 150 Club is a monthly draw of numbered tickets restricted to 150 subscribers within 10 miles of Charlton or with close connection to the village. Prizes are awarded each month following a “numbers in the hat” type draw:
– First £50
– Second £30
– Third £20
Each ticket is restricted to a maximum of 2 wins in the year.

The full subscription for the year from May 2018 to April 2019 is £20, but part year tickets are now available :-

– 9 month ticket £15 (August to March or September to April)
– 6 month ticket £10 (any 6 month period ending in April)

Many Hankerton residents have subscribed to the 150 Club in recent years and some are long-standing members. This year few subscribers have been approached about renewing membership as there is no longer a collector in the village. Even so, a resident won the £30 second prize in May.

Proceeds of the draw help to fund the hall, play area and playing field in Charlton.

Interested? Ring Anne Holland Malms. 823719.



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