Comment Passed On !

Nicki Robinson

Have just been notified that two foreign men have tried to force their way into the old post office in Hankerton and they had already been to her neighbours house prior to that keep your eyes peeled folks . Please be aware they have been in Hankerton about 15/20 minutes ago .
So don’t leave the house open and don’t answer the door to strangers xx

3 thoughts on “Comment Passed On !

  1. bwkdave

    I noticed a grotty old blue Peugeot 308 stopping first church Lane then moving on to old farm close and doing the same.  It caught my eye as suspicious.  Time about 15.50hrs Dave Wood

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  2. Tim Turner

    Just ridden down Cloatley Rd and came upon 15/20 men of eastern european appearance and speaking unknown tongue sauntering towards Hankerton, all across the road and heading into Common End farm fields. Large white van parked in the Homestead. Looks like someone shipping them in for cheap labour?
    Time about 1039 Tim Turner


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