Another Comment

Passing these comments on as I know everyone won’t see them on the website :-

Just ridden down Cloatley Rd and came upon 15/20 men of eastern european appearance and speaking unknown tongue sauntering towards Hankerton, all across the road and heading into Common End farm fields. Large white van parked in the Homestead. Looks like someone shipping them in for cheap labour?
Time about 1039 Tim Turner

4 thoughts on “Another Comment

  1. Jane Moulder

    They are Israeli sheep farmers bumped into the organiser this morning when dog walking. They were looking at Nigel’s sheep I believe. Think there was about 30 of them! Jane

  2. Richard Cooper

    Although I don’t live in Hankerton I have an interest there, the people that you have emailed about somewhat hysterically, are in fact an organised trip of Israeli farmers touring sheep flocks in the area. For more information I suggest you contact Edward at the garage 01666577273. This is unbelievably comical.


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