Recent Reports of Suspicious Activity

Following the various reports of suspicious activity recently I thought I’d ask our police contact for an update. Unfortunately John hasn’t been working for the last few days but he sent me this update from the Malmesbury Police Facebook page.

We have received reports of various suspicious activities in the Minety, Oaksey, South Cerney and Ashton Keynes over recent days. These include possible attempted burglaries, people being seen leaving areas after residents have approached them, unknown persons seen in gardens, people selling door to door being abusive when advised residents don’t want to make a purchase and a confirmed burglary. Officers are aware of these. If you see anything please report this on 101 or if it is in progress or there is an immediate danger please ring 999. Thank you to those who have reported these incidents, may I also ask you not to use Facebook to report crime.

After this post we also had an incident in Hankerton itself so clearly there has been something happening in the area. Hopefully the people responsible have now moved on.

As John Bordis advises above, if anyone sees suspicious activity then the police would like it reported via the 101 or 999 telephone numbers.

From my point of view, if I get sent items to post I have to decide whether to pass them on or not bother on the basis that they may be untrue. I don’t have the time to investigate these things myself and my feeling is that I should err on the side of safety and pass them on rather than finding out later that someone in the village was burgled because they weren’t aware of this sort of activity (it’s pretty unusual in Hankerton I’m pleased to say !).

Sometimes that can lead to items like the large group of suspicious men thought to be imported cheap labour turning out to be a group of visiting Israeli shepherds (didn’t see that one coming !). Thanks to Tim for “…so not cheap labour, but sheep labour

In general though, I do tend to pass on items sent to me irrespective of my own views unless I think they may cause offence.

So that’s it for this week and hopefully for the foreseeable future on this topic !


1 thought on “Recent Reports of Suspicious Activity

  1. jacqui Erskine Crum

    I do want to let you know that my car has been emptied of 4 pairs of sunglasses, 3 jackets (waiting to go to the dry cleaners) , all my shopping bags (to put jackets in?), a small dog blanket and a large metal candle holder is missing from a barn (wrapped in dog blanket?). I fear I may have left the car unlocked on Monday (possibly..can’t quite recall) as the driving seat position had been altered. My neighbour also had an unsolicited visit last week from a man who wandered around the yard,( watched by her) and then left. So keep an eye and lock your car…Jacqui Erskine Crum at Dolmans Farm, Cloatley Road.


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