Parish Council Update

Parish Council update

At the meeting on 14 January Hankerton Parish Council:

  • Agreed that the playground committee should continue to consider the amenity area on Old Farm Close as a possible location for a playground
  • Agreed that the defibrillator to be bought should be located in the phone box. No one had objected to the proposal to take the phone out of use. To supply electricity to the alternative proposal of the bus shelter wold cost £5900-£6500, plus VAT. It will cost £1 to adopt the phone box from BT
  • External funding for a new gate on footpath no.9, opposite Common End Farm on Cloatley Road, has been agreed
  • An updated emergency plan was agreed
  • John Thorne is to be the Parish Council’s representative on the Charlton Village Hall committee
  • Alan Jackson and his predecessor Dave Wood were thanked for securing the resurfacing of Church Lane
  • The annual village litter pick is on Saturday 23 March

John Thorne

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