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Do you want to be on television ?

The Parish Council secretary has received an email from Emma Browning at “Wall to Wall” :-

Dear Michael Bromley Gardner

I hope this email finds you very well, I found your details on the Wiltshire Parish Councils website.

I work for a television production company called Wall to Wall Media and we produce a variety of programmes, including Who Do You Think You Are? (BBC) and Long Lost Family (ITV). We also make BBC2’s living history strand Back in Time; recent series of this include Back in Time for Tea and Back in Time for School.

For our new Back in Time series, we are looking for a family to immerse themselves in the past world of rural village life. We’re filming the series in the region over the school summer holidays 2019 and are looking for a new family to take part and go back in time. We’re very keen to get the word out to families in Wiltshire, particularly those with memories of, or connections to, the countryside and village life.

I was wondering if it would be possible for you to share our casting information with your Parish Council members and the local community, to see if they’d be interested in applying, or know a local family who might be. It would be great if you could share our casting flyer somehow – perhaps over email, social media, or in a newsletter. Alternatively, I would be more than happy to pop a few casting flyers in the post for you to display in the community on noticeboards or shop fronts, or at your next meeting? I’ve attached our casting flyer for reference which has more information and details for people about how to apply.

It would be fantastic to hear from you as to whether this would be possible and please let me know if you have any questions.

Many thanks,

<If you want to know more – click on the image above to enlarge>


Please Sponsor Lucy

I will be undertaking the London Marathon on Sunday 28th April to raise money for Hospice UK who provide much needed funding to support Hospices around the UK. My Mum (Lorraine McCallum) is a Nurse in a hospice so I see and hear first hand, the care and support they provide to not only patients, but their families too.

Without charitable donations, these organisations would not be able to function or even exist as we know it.

Please visit my fundraising page for training updates and to make a donation

Any donation you can make will make a huge difference to hospices around the country so thank you !


Markers Outside Homes

Markers Outside Homes

Following discussion at the November parish council meeting regarding the placement of solid markers on verges, Wiltshire council has advised the Parish Council that householders should ensure that they carry sufficient 3rd party personal liability insurance in case of injury to persons or property as a result of vehicles hitting any markers.  Furthermore, they advise that placing these markers on the verges is not allowed if on the council’s land (which it invariably is). A householder can apply for a free licence for plastic markers as long as third party insurance cover is in place. To apply for a licence email Failing which, Wiltshire council may request their removal, and if this is not done, charge the householder for their removal.

John Thorne