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Meat Deliveries

I’ve been discussing meat deliveries with Michael’s, the butcher and deli in Malmesbury.

They’ve sent me menus and I can build a page where you can see what they have and fill in a request for delivery. This will then be automatically emailed to them.

To keep things simple for them I’ve suggested that we should perhaps have one or two deliveries a week (I suggest starting with one).

Michael’s will deliver to your home and then email you an invoice for online payment.

Please can you let me know if you’re interested by mailing me – Click Here to mail me.

Many thanks,




HEALS of Malmesbury

Malmesbury Town Council COVID-19 UPDATE
30th March 2020 
HELPLINE Times Extended. 
New Helpline number is 01666 815888

Malmesbury Town Council and HEALS are working in Partnership to provide co-ordinated volunteer activity to support our local community during the COVID-19 situation. HEALS is our local charity with specialist skills in this area and will also continue to support its existing service users through this situation.

This support can now be contacted on 01666 815888.

It is open from 8am to 11pm Monday to Friday and 9am to 6pm at weekends.

It is not an Emergency service so continue to access those in the usual manner. 

This Support Service aims to:

  1. Help vulnerable individuals and families in the local community during COVID-19 situation.
  2. Provide additional back up to the fantastic family, neighbour and street support in place.
  3. Help Coordinate the response of local Community Groups to ensure all our actions are aligned and effective.
  4. Help resolve problems around essential food order and collection, prescription collection and support well-being. We expect other requirements may emerge.

To Volunteer

  1. Volunteers can register by emailing, or download the form HERE.

We will provide further updates in due course.

Thank you for your support.

Richard Spencer-Williams – Town Clerk
Paul Buckley – Manager HEALS
Campbell Ritchie – Deputy Mayor
Gavin Grant – Chair of HEALS

COVID-19 Weekly Update

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the website please Click Here to mail me.


There have been a number of updates to the website this week as lots of people have come up with ideas and got involved. The site has had updates to the News page and the Volunteers page but, in particular to the Delivery Services page. On the website home page there’s now a quick Continue reading

Fruit and Veg Delivery

Peter and Sarah Wyman have made contact with someone who will deliver Veg and Fruit Boxes to the village – generally he delivers to schools and hotels, but as this has dried up he is now doing home and village scheme deliveries.

He is willing to make a first delivery on Sunday, but will need the order by this evening – hence we need to move quickly for this first order, but we can sort something out better (hopefully through the Hankerton website) for future deliveries.

A Veg and Fruit box costs £15 – see attached picture. For this first order could people send an Email to Peter ( if they want one (or two?).

It will need to be with Peter by 18:00 today.



New WhatsApp Group

In order to reduce the load for Simon and others in terms of coordinating COVID-19 issues/support for the village, via the village website, I am suggesting use of a WhatsApp group to make this less of a burden on a few and provide a more reactive and immediate approach. THIS IS NOT A SOCIAL GROUP, its purpose is to enable those who need help or assistance to advise quickly and those able to help to respond immediately. It should also limit duplication.

I will act as contact point for those who do not have or are unable to use WhatApp, posting on their behalf.

If you want to be part of the group, please contact me for advice at

Geoff Preston

April Grapevine

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately we are unable to bring you a hard-copy of the April Grapevine since the Printer was forced to close before it had been printed.  You can still read it on the website however so please enjoy – it contains some useful information.

Stay safe everyone,

Susan and Mary

Hobbs House Bakery

I’m currently talking to our local bakers “Hobbs House” about the possibility of having a delivery to the village. At this stage I don’t know how frequent that would be or any more details. At this stage I’m just trying to gauge the level of interest.

If you click on the logo above you’ll see what they offer but basically they’re award winning bakers offering bread, and baking materials (flour, yeast, etc). To make it easier for them they may want to deliver to a central point in the village and then ask people to collect from there – yet to be decided.

If anyone is interested in having a regular delivery please can you let me know ?

Please Click Here to mail me.


COVID-19 Weekly Update

Quite a lot has happened this week and I thought it might help if I summarised some of the activity.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the website please Click Here to mail me.


There is now a separate COVID-19 area on the website. From the COVID-19 home page you can now click through to a News page a Volunteers page or a Delivery Services page. On the main Continue reading

Chris The Postman

“Retirement Card” for Chris the postman.
As many of you will know, Chris our friendly postman is retiring at the end of March. A card to wish him well was being passed around for villagers to sign. Unfortunately, the arrival of COVID19 probably makes it unwise to ferry the card around for the rest to handle, sign and add their comments. So, it is intended to place another piece of paper inside the card stating :

“Best wishes for your retirement Chris, from all those who have been unable to sign the card before the interruption caused by of COVID19. Our thanks for your hard work, in all weathers, and the cheerfulness with which the mail was always delivered – it was very much appreciated”.

Steve Davies