COVID-19 and The Hankerton Website

I have added a new section on the website to try and assist with the COVID-19 outbreak as it relates to Hankerton.

At the moment the page contains a list of volunteers who have offered to help villagers in various ways and a set of “Useful Links” to various websites providing relevant information.

There is also a “News Page” where I will post any important factual information that people send me.

Where information is particularly important I will create a news item like this one so that the information is “pushed” to the email inboxes of people who have “followed” the website. With that in mind, please can you also forward this message on to others within the village and encourage them to “follow” the website. I promise not to bombard people with messages !

If you have any comments or content (Hankerton related) for the website please Click Here to mail me.



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