COVID-19 Weekly Update

Quite a lot has happened this week and I thought it might help if I summarised some of the activity.

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the website please Click Here to mail me.


There is now a separate COVID-19 area on the website. From the COVID-19 home page you can now click through to a News page a Volunteers page or a Delivery Services page. On the main page there are also links to other useful websites.

Many people from around the village have volunteered their services – it’s been a really heartwarming response, thank you to everyone that responded. If anyone is aware of someone that may need help then please either let me know or perhaps contact one of the volunteers located nearby.

Wiltshire County
There have been numerous statements made by the council about services. They can be accessed via the News page.

Public Spaces Closing
The church has closed this week but access can still be arranged for anyone needing it. See the News page for details. Pubs, restaurants, and hotels are also closing although many are offering Take Away services instead. A good example of that being The Potting Shed.

I’ll try and do this update at least weekly. I’m trying not to overload people’s inboxes so it’s probably worth checking the News page from time to time in the week for new information.

As I said at the top, if anyone has any comments or suggestions about the website please Click Here to mail me.

[NB. I know the image at the top isn’t virus related…. but I just thought it might help to remember our normal village life.]



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