COVID-19 Weekly Update

If anyone has any comments or suggestions about the website please Click Here to mail me.


There have been a number of updates to the website this week as lots of people have come up with ideas and got involved. The site has had updates to the News page and the Volunteers page but, in particular to the Delivery Services page. On the website home page there’s now a quick link to the current Grapevine as well.

WhatsApp Group
Many people from around the village have volunteered their services and now there’s also a way of requesting assistance and for people to offer help. Please join the WhatsApp Group so that you’re aware of what’s going on. Click <here> for more information.

Wiltshire County
There have been numerous statements made by the council about services. They can be accessed via the News page.

Delivery Services
The first bread delivery from Hobbs Bakery happened this week. This is now set to happen every Tuesday and Friday morning. Just get your order in by 12:00 the previous day. The page to order on is <here>. Also check out the Delivery Page. We now have details of places to get deliveries from pubs, butchers, greengrocers, frozen food suppliers, and bakers.







Is anyone aware of a business that would deliver dairy products (milk, butter, eggs etc.) or pasta and rice ?  If so, please can you email me so I can set something up. Please Click Here to mail me.

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