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Message About Refuse on Wiltshire Website

I found this message on the Wiltshire website when our bins hadn’t been collected :

“We are aware of some delays to mixed dry recycling collections following the introduction of new services. If your blue-lidded bin or black box has not been emptied on your new scheduled collection day, please leave your containers out and our contractors will visit as soon as they can. You may still report your missed collection. Our contractor will be working on Saturday to empty missed bins.”

Weekly Update

Delivery services seem to be going well – the bread delivery is going to need a van soon !
Thanks again to Peter and Sarah for looking after the veg and fruit delivery.
Thanks also to Warings for the Pizza delivery service – great pizzas !
I’m now getting approached by local businesses keen to offer goods.
Check out the delivery page for more information.

Tea at Three
The popular Tea at Three event is running again tomorrow (Sunday 26th). Details are on the News Page.

I think that’s about it for this week – At least the weather’s been wonderful !

Weekly Update

Delivery Services
We now have quite good coverage ! As each service operates in a slightly different way and as I nearly missed today’s pizza (!) I thought it might help if I summarised how ordering works (please note these are ordering deadlines not delivery times.) :-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12:00 Hobbs 12:00 Michaels 12:00 Hobbs
12:00 Veg 22:00 Pizza

The pizza delivery last Saturday seems to have been a great success !  Fantastic pizza and well received by everyone who had one.

Bread, Meat, and Veg ordering now seems to be working well and I get comments from people about the great quality of the goods we’re getting.

Tea at Three
Thanks to Susan Mockler for a great idea !

Most people (and a fair few dogs !) seemed to take part and it was lovely to be able to chat safely with people instead of being locked away all day !

The WhatsApp group seems to be quite active. You can find out more <here>

Wiltshire News
Wiltshire are offering news updates direct to your inbox. Have a look at the News page for more details.

What’s On In Crudwell
This has now gone online and can be found at :

Wiltshire Bobby Van
There’s a message from them on the News page.

As ever, if I’ve missed anything or if you want to suggest something to me please Click Here to eMail me.

Pizza Delivery

One more thing – I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Waring family for last night’s pizza delivery. I can recommend “Pimp The Shrimp” (the name alone is worth it !) but all three pizzas were fantastic !

Thank you for providing the service !



Weekly Update

This week has been quite a busy week. Apologies for the number of posts, I try not to clog up everyone’s inboxes but there seemed to be a lot of things that needed passing on and many that needed passing on quickly !

Here’s a round up.

Michael’s are struggling a bit with the volume of orders at the moment and have asked us to please order a day earlier so that they can get chance to make up the orders. So, in future we need to order on Wednesday by 12:00 for delivery on Friday.

Hobbs House Bakery orders seem to be going well. They’ve been struggling to have enough flour available as their flour delivery is half a day after our collection (Tuesday / Friday) !  but they were telling me that they intend to keep some in reserve for us. I have to say, they’ve been fantastic to deal with.

Veg & Fruit orders seem to work well (Thank you Peter & Sarah Wyman !) but there’s a small weather related change. Peter has been bulk ordering potatoes and carrots, re-bagging into smaller amounts and then storing the remainder. The warmer weather means that they’re not keeping well so he’s going to have to move back to just passing on the large bags.

Malmesbury Town Council have also issued a list of other available delivery services. I’ve put the list on the COVID-19 Deliveries Page.

The Charity HEALS is working with Malmesbury Town Council to launch a new appeal for volunteers and donations – details on the News Page.

Wiltshire Life
Wiltshire Life Magazine is offering people a free digital copy of the magazine for Easter – details on the News Page.

For those of you finding that each day is blurring into the other days…..this week is recycling week !   as far as I can see from the Wiltshire website the collections are happening as normal :-

The volunteering service set up by Robin Tjolle seems to be working well and the new WhatsApp service set up by Geoff Preston seems to be helping that run smoothly.  If you want to join the service, mail Geoff.

Tea at Three
Today’s event is Tea at Three !

I think that’s about it for this week. As ever, if I’ve missed anything or if you want to suggest something to me please Click Here to eMail me.


Tea at Three

Thank you to everyone who has displayed colourful eggs and decorations in their windows. It has certainly brightened up the village and perfectly illustrates our wonderful village spirit!

Easter Day : Tea at Three

Bearing in mind all the government restrictions and taking care with social distances, you are invited to stand outside your house today at three o’clock to say hello to anyone passing by. Hoping for another lovely day,



Easter Church Services

Easter Church Services.

Sadly, there will be nothing in our church building. I have put copies of short services for Good Friday and Easter Day in the church porch. Help yourself. At 10am on Easter Day you can join Rev’d Tonya who will be reading a short service. This is being streamed. There will also be a local zoom church service on Maundy Thursday, 9/4 at 6pm. Details on the church website…Braydon Brook
Philip Carter, churchwarden

Michael’s Meat Orders

I’ve had a message from Michael’s this morning :

“Hi Simon could you ask your group to please give us two days notice when ordering. We have been swamped with orders and are struggling to produce the products. Thank you we do appreciate the business but it’s just got a bit silly this week due Easter as well.  Best wishes. Sandy”

So I guess that means that orders are closed for today and from now on please can you get orders in by 12:00 on Wednesday for Friday delivery.


Is It Really Easter ?…..

…..No Chocolate Easter Egg Hunt ?

Please could as many residents of Follyfield put pictures/ decorated cut out eggs in their windows, outside houses or gardens so that families can walk around on a ‘spot the eggs’, Egg Hunt?

Happy Easter to everyone,

Susan Mockler

Midweek Update

I try not to do these too frequently but there’s lots going on at the moment.

Firstly – David Wood wanted me to pass on his thanks to Geoff Preston for helping his grandson with IT issues and enabling him to get back in Sype contact with his family.  Thanks Geoff !

Bread, Meat, and Veg deliveries will all happen as usual this Friday.

BUT – Hobbs will be closed on Monday, so they’ve asked me to get orders in for this Friday (10th) and next Tuesday (14th) by 12:00 tomorrow (Thursday). ie. both orders are due on Thursday at 12:00.
So, please can you EITHER send me one or two orders noting which delivery day each is for in the “Notes” section, OR send me one order and tell me to duplicate for both days.

New Services
Check out the Deliveries page for two new cracking takeaway delivery services !
Village Pizza Menu (kindly provided by Warings Catering)
FBK Pie & Mash

Finally, don’t forget to check the News page for updates….