Weekly Update

Delivery Services
We now have quite good coverage ! As each service operates in a slightly different way and as I nearly missed today’s pizza (!) I thought it might help if I summarised how ordering works (please note these are ordering deadlines not delivery times.) :-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
12:00 Hobbs 12:00 Michaels 12:00 Hobbs
12:00 Veg 22:00 Pizza

The pizza delivery last Saturday seems to have been a great success !  Fantastic pizza and well received by everyone who had one.

Bread, Meat, and Veg ordering now seems to be working well and I get comments from people about the great quality of the goods we’re getting.

Tea at Three
Thanks to Susan Mockler for a great idea !

Most people (and a fair few dogs !) seemed to take part and it was lovely to be able to chat safely with people instead of being locked away all day !

The WhatsApp group seems to be quite active. You can find out more <here>

Wiltshire News
Wiltshire are offering news updates direct to your inbox. Have a look at the News page for more details.

What’s On In Crudwell
This has now gone online and can be found at : http://www.my-crudwell.org/2020/04/woic-april-2020/

Wiltshire Bobby Van
There’s a message from them on the News page.

As ever, if I’ve missed anything or if you want to suggest something to me please Click Here to eMail me.