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Weekly Update

All seem to be running smoothly.

BBQ briquettes
Chris Moulder has some briquettes that are ideal for fire pits and barbecues – £2 per bag and he can deliver in the village. Click <here> for more details. If you want some of these then call Jane on 07796 273743

Thursday Clapping
This week saw the last of these weekly events and it was good to see that everyone made a special effort.

Think that’s about it for this week !

If you have anything of interest then just drop me an email to

Clap For Carers

As you will have seen there is talk of making tonights ClapForCarers the last. There will be differing views on this, it is clear however that, moving forward, the level of support for the weekly event may tail off. To that end, lets make tonight’s event, the best so far, hands, pans, air horns, car horns, whatever you have to hand.

Geoff Preston

Weekly Update

They seem to be ticking over very well.

Pizza deliveries have resumed this week too although this week’s delivery will be on Sunday rather than Saturday as it’s Tom’s 18th – Happy Birthday Tom !

Thanks to Peter and Sarah for the Veg and Fruit orders.

WhatsApp Group For Volunteering
Another simple but effective local resource that seems to be working well.  Thanks to internet based robots trawling the web for links to other sites Geoff had to deal with a scantily clad Latvian lady offering a very different sort of service today !  but he’s now changed the way that people can join the group to prevent this happening again.

Kittens Need A Home
Carolyn Perchard has two kittens that need a home. Click <here> for details.

Parish Council Meeting
This week saw the first Zoom based PC meeting. All went well I’m told.

St Aldhelms Day Virtual Fair
Details are here : St Aldhelms Day

Community Radio
I’ve been sent more details of the community radio station mentioned a couple of weeks ago : Community Radio

Just For Steve 

That’s it for this week. If you need to contact me then please Click Here to eMail me.

Kittens Need A Home

Following our lost cat post we have managed to keep hold of the mother cat and all 4 kittens. The cat has just been spayed and we are looking for homes for 2 of the kittens.

The 2 kittens available are 7/8 weeks old, have been weaned from their mother, eating solid foods and having regular interaction. The black kitten is a male and the grey striped one is a female.

If anyone’s interested they can contact us via mobile at 07476 294049.

Carolyn Perchard

Deliveries for the Bank Holiday Weekend

There are a couple of important changes for the coming Bank Holiday weekend.

Hobbs House Bakery
Hobbs will be closed this coming Monday (25th) for the bank holiday.

So please can you order by 12:00 on Thursday for both Friday 22nd and Tuesday 26th. Either complete 2 orders and add a note to say which is which or just complete one order and add a note telling me to duplicate.

Warings Pizza Delivery
This week’s pizza delivery will be on Sunday instead of Saturday – It’s Tom’s 18th !
Back to normal the following week with deliveries on Saturday 30th.

Parish Council – Feedback Requested

There is a Hankerton Parish Council meeting this Monday (18th) and the PC are keen to find out if you have found the groups that have been set up in the village useful for you during the lockdown. Have you accessed any of the services to get a prescription, shopping delivered, takeaways or have you been part of the Whatsapp/email group in supporting others or visited the website?

If so, please can you let us know your thoughts on what has gone well, how you have been supported, have you enjoyed being part of the group and if there is anything that could be improved on in the future.  Thank you all for being involved in supporting residents across Hankerton during the lockdown. It has been a wonderful community effort.

Please send your feedback to Robin Tjolle –

If you wish to attend the Zoom PC meeting please contact Michael Bromley Gardner (Parish Council Clerk)

Weekly Update

Delivery Services
The good news for pizza lovers is that deliveries are on again for today !
Other services seem to be working well.
The bread delivery is now in it’s 8th week and has delivered 583 items to date ! So what does Hankerton like ?

(I know……perhaps I’m going a little stir crazy…..)

Parish Council
The new Zoom meeting is coming up this Monday. The meeting will be held using the online video tool “Zoom”.  Check out the News Page for more details.

Living In Lockdown
Wiltshire Council is asking people to share their lockdown experiences – details on the News page.

Wiltshire’s Household Recycling Centres will reopen from Monday. Entry to them will be controlled by post code. Again, details on the News page.

Planning Application
Michael Bromley Gardner has pointed out that a significant planning application has been made to Wiltshire Council. Details are in a separate post <here>.

That’s it for this week. If you need to contact me then please Click Here to eMail me.


Planning Application – Solar Farm

I wouldn’t normally post a news item for a planning application but this one is fairly significant and I thought it might generate more interest than normal.

A planning application for a solar farm around the electricity sub-station at Upper Stonehill is now being considered by Wiltshire Council with a deadline for comments of 4 June.  The PC is considering its response.  Residents may comment to the PC if they wish to, and may comment direct to Wilts Council also.

The details of the plans are available for all to see at the following link  then click on ‘Download Plans and Documents’ in the top right. The planning application number is 20/03528.

This is a significant planning application partly because it will occupy 270 acres.  There is a large volume of documents on the webpage but the simplest picture of what is planned is the item labelled ‘Pv & Storage Layout Plan’ which you can go direct to at  This shows clearly those areas that will have solar panels on them.

The comment deadline is 4 June but the PC response is likely to be completed well before then so anyone wishing to comment to the PC will need to do so without delay.

MIchael Bromley Gardner – Parish Clerk