Weekly Update

Delivery Services
The good news for pizza lovers is that deliveries are on again for today !
Other services seem to be working well.
The bread delivery is now in it’s 8th week and has delivered 583 items to date ! So what does Hankerton like ?

(I know……perhaps I’m going a little stir crazy…..)

Parish Council
The new Zoom meeting is coming up this Monday. The meeting will be held using the online video tool “Zoom”.  Check out the News Page for more details.

Living In Lockdown
Wiltshire Council is asking people to share their lockdown experiences – details on the News page.

Wiltshire’s Household Recycling Centres will reopen from Monday. Entry to them will be controlled by post code. Again, details on the News page.

Planning Application
Michael Bromley Gardner has pointed out that a significant planning application has been made to Wiltshire Council. Details are in a separate post <here>.

That’s it for this week. If you need to contact me then please Click Here to eMail me.