Weekly Update

They seem to be ticking over very well.

Pizza deliveries have resumed this week too although this week’s delivery will be on Sunday rather than Saturday as it’s Tom’s 18th – Happy Birthday Tom !

Thanks to Peter and Sarah for the Veg and Fruit orders.

WhatsApp Group For Volunteering
Another simple but effective local resource that seems to be working well.  Thanks to internet based robots trawling the web for links to other sites Geoff had to deal with a scantily clad Latvian lady offering a very different sort of service today !  but he’s now changed the way that people can join the group to prevent this happening again.

Kittens Need A Home
Carolyn Perchard has two kittens that need a home. Click <here> for details.

Parish Council Meeting
This week saw the first Zoom based PC meeting. All went well I’m told.

St Aldhelms Day Virtual Fair
Details are here : St Aldhelms Day

Community Radio
I’ve been sent more details of the community radio station mentioned a couple of weeks ago : Community Radio

Just For Steve 

That’s it for this week. If you need to contact me then please Click Here to eMail me.