Large Scale Solar Farm and Battery Storage

The proposed installation of a large-scale (271 acre) solar farm and battery storage around Minety / Cloatley / Bullock’s Horn

Many in the community may not be aware that, due to COVID-19 impacting the consultation process and given the size and nature of the proposal, the Wiltshire Council Planning Officer has informally indicated that the Council is prepared to consider responses from residents – and other stakeholders whose response has not yet been received – after the expiry of the consultation period on 4 June 2020, provided these are received before the Council’s determination.

It is likely that the application will be referred to a planning committee and, therefore, take some further review time before determination.

Should members of the community want to provide their views on the proposal, therefore, they can still add their voice.

Hankerton Parish Council, and many others (nearly 70) in and around the village, have have already responded.

The application number is 20/03528/FUL and the application, plans and responses can be viewed at the Wiltshire Council planning portal:

Piers Johansen
(White Cottage, Chapel Lane)

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