Weekly Update

A few things to cover today after a lovely week weather wise !

Pizza Delivery
The number of orders has dropped off recently as lockdown conditions have eased. As a result of that Warings have decided to offer pizza every second week rather than every Saturday. So in July pizza nights will be Saturday 11th and Saturday 25th.

Bread Delivery
This week on either Tuesday or Friday the bread delivery service will reach its thousandth item delivered !  I may have to celebrate with an Almond Croissant !

The Tuesday orders have declined quite a lot recently but the Friday orders are still fairly constant :

But it has started me thinking about when this service should stop because things are returning to normal (well, normalish !…….).
I think there are 3 options :-
– Carry on as we are at present
– Finish completely after the delivery on Friday 3rd July
– Carry on in July with the Friday delivery only (drop the Tuesday one)

I’m still working from home at the moment and it’s been great getting to know a few more people around the village so I don’t have a problem with any option.

Please can you let me know what you think ?     simon.kearsley@symmetry.co.uk

Fruit and Veg Delivery
Peter has also noticed a reduction in orders but is happy to continue with the service for as long as people want it and / or the supplier is happy to do it. Many thanks to Peter and Sarah !

Parish Council Vacancy
There’s currently a Parish Council vacancy which is now going to be filled by co-option.

Road Closure
Finally, can anyone help me with this puzzle ?
Cloatley Road runs from Hankerton to Upper Minety.
At the end of the road in Hankerton there’s a sign saying the road will be closed from 22nd June for 4 weeks.
At the end of the road in Upper Minety there’s a sign directing traffic ONTO the road as a diversion route !
Does anybody know what’s actually happening ?
Thank you.

I think that’s it for this week. As ever, if you have anything for the website please mail me at simon.kearsley@symmetry.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Weekly Update

  1. Alan Jackson

    Simon, as I understand it, the closure signs at either end of Hankerton /Cloatley road were in anticipation of works by Avonline (Gigaclear) to install fibre optic links. They have been running substantially behind in these installations on Flistridge road and I suspect this is a case of the admin/signage lagging behind the actuality. Having spoken to Avonline, they don’t appear to be that concerned and so we will just have to keep alert. I suspect they will have to start or cancel the closure signage before the month is up.

    Alan Jackson



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