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Weekly Update

Slowly, slowly, things are changing…..

Delivery Services
All running smoothly, some slight changes to the Hobbs House bread deliveries. The bakery shop is at the top of the High Street in town. For obvious reasons I’ve arranged with the shop to collect the order before the shop opens. This week the shop is opening at 08:00 to accommodate the early morning workers trade so I’ll be collecting the order at 07:45 and dropping it off at the church at around 08:15 if things work out. I say “if things work out” because Malmesbury Council have installed semi permanent traffic bollards all the way up the High Street to narrow the road to one vehicle’s width… the shop have managed to get the bollards outside their shop replaced with movable cones so the plan is for them to dash out, move the cones, and for me to slot the “bread van” into the space…..    fingers crossed !

I think that’s it for this week !



Large Scale Solar Farm and Battery Storage

The proposed installation of a large-scale (271 acre) solar farm and battery storage around Minety / Cloatley / Bullock’s Horn

Many in the community may not be aware that, due to COVID-19 impacting the consultation process and given the size and nature of the proposal, the Wiltshire Council Planning Officer has informally indicated that the Council is prepared to consider responses from residents – and other stakeholders whose response has not yet been received – after the expiry of the consultation period on 4 June 2020, provided these are received before the Council’s determination.

It is likely that the application will be referred to a planning committee and, therefore, take some further review time before determination.

Should members of the community want to provide their views on the proposal, therefore, they can still add their voice.

Hankerton Parish Council, and many others (nearly 70) in and around the village, have have already responded.

The application number is 20/03528/FUL and the application, plans and responses can be viewed at the Wiltshire Council planning portal:

Piers Johansen
(White Cottage, Chapel Lane)

Does Anybody Want Some Rubble ?

We live in the bungalow next to the entrance of chapel lane and are undergoing some renovations which include demolishing some of the existing property. We have a huge amount of rubble to get rid of and our neighbour suggested putting something on the website to see if anyone could make use of it particularly farmers.

We will move it all into one pile at the front of the property. Contact us by email ( or pop up to the house.

Many thanks
Hayley Ody

Weekly Update

It’s been a funny old week in some ways !

All good as far as I can see. Thanks to everyone involved and looking forward to tonight’s pizza – highlight of the week !

Takeaway News
The Potting Shed has now added Fish & Chips to their takeaway menu and someone was telling me that Jessie Smith’s is now operating a Friday night hog roast and burger drive through !

Household Recycling Centre
They’ve introduced a new system – if you want to visit you now need to book a slot in advance. Details on the COVID-19 News page.

Parish Council
There’s a vacancy on the Parish Council following Jill Kearsley’s retirement. If you’re interested in joining then details can be found <here>.

As ever, drop me an email if you see anything that others in the village may find interesting.


Household Recycling Centres – you’ll need to book !

From Wiltshire Council – updated news about Household Re-cycling Centres:

From Monday 8 June, you must book a slot before visiting a household recycling centre. Slots will be available to book from Thursday 4 June.

From Monday 8 June, all visitors to a Wiltshire household recycling centre (HRC) must pre-book a slot to visit beforehand. You can book a slot three days in advance, and slots will go live on Thursday 4 June. This is an advance-booking system, so you will be unable to book a same day visit to a HRC.

Up until the sites close on Sunday 7 June, we will still be operating a postcode entry system to visit HRCs.

The link is

National Volunteer Week

This is National Volunteer Week 2020

There are numerous people who volunteer in Hankerton and this is to say thank you to them for being good neighbours and keeping the village safe during Lockdown by helping with shopping, collecting prescriptions and keeping in contact.

All year round volunteers pick up litter, run societies, arrange events , produce newsletters,  a website and look after the village and churchyard.

The Parish Council is made up of community- minded people doing their best to ensure local interests are protected and the precept spent carefully.

Thank you to them all!

Susan Mockler

Be Aware….

There have been a number of reports of a man wandering around the village this morning. He asked Sarah on Hillwell for a bottle of wine at 6:30 this morning and he’s been seen around Follyfield as well. Tall man with check trousers wearing a baseball cap.