Weekly Update

Delivery Services
Delivery services are slowly reducing. This week I delivered the 1,000th Hobbs item on Tuesday (it was an almond croissant to myself. I really did have 999 items up to that point and it seemed the obvious thing to do !).  The bread delivery has moved to a once a week delivery on a Friday which seemed to be the consensus from last weeks feedback.

Parish Council
There’s a Zoom meeting this Monday. Contact Michael if you want to attend. Click <here> for details.

Wiltshire County
Busy week for Wiltshire !   Press release to explain that they aren’t going bankrupt, press release to correct another media report that they could be the next lockdown area, and a press release asking for feedback on library opening !

WhatsApp Group
The village group is, in theory, a “closed group” but unfortunately a Romanian hacker seems to be able to get access to post adverts that are, lets say, “not that appropriate” !  When Geoff Preston reported this to WhatsApp their solution was to remove Geoff from the group !  Anyway, long story short, all has now been recovered after much hard work by Geoff and he thinks he might have found a way of preventing future intrusions.

Anything for me ?  Then drop me a mail at simon.kearsley@symmetry.co.uk

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