Healthwatch Wiltshire

Dear Wiltshire Town and Parish Councils,

At Healthwatch Wiltshire we are continuing to gather peoples experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic, and are running a survey which will close this Sunday 12th July.

We’d like to give Wiltshire people one final opportunity to complete our survey which asks for their views and experiences of information, health, care and community services, and is relevant to anyone living in Wiltshire. It can be completed online, or by phone by calling 01225 434218.

We’d be very grateful if you are able to share it on social media, with colleagues, volunteers, people who use your service and wider contacts as appropriate. You can either use the poster attached or something along the lines of the text below:

Wiltshire Residents – please share your views about Health, Care and Community Services during the pandemic by completing this survey by Sunday 12th July

Healthwatch Wiltshire are asking how has the coronavirus outbreak affected you and your loved ones? Share your experiences of health, care and community services during the pandemic. What’s working well and what could be better? You can complete the online survey at

The survey can also be completed over the phone – call 01225 434218 to arrange and a member of the Healthwatch Wiltshire team will call you back

Survey closes Sunday 12th July.

You can also share this from out Facebook page here Healthwatch Wiltshire

Please take a few minutes to take our survey.

We really appreciate any help you can give us to ensure that people from Wiltshire can share their views.

Many thanks

Julie Brown
Acting Manager

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