Bread, Veg, Meat and Pizza

It’s been a strange few months and, in some ways it still is !

However, things seem to be settling down a little and I think the time has come to review some of the things set up via the website to deal with the crisis in March.

Bread Delivery
I think the time has come to put this on hold. This Friday (4 Sep) will be the last one. I’m going to talk to Hobbs about keeping the option open in case we need to restart later in the year but as numbers have dropped in the last few weeks I think the time is right to stop the service.

For those of you that have got a taste for Hobbs products being delivered all is not lost !  You can still get a regular Friday delivery along with your meat from Michael’s butchers as long as you order before lunchtime on Thursday.

Meat Delivery
Continues as normal but please order direct from Michael’s rather than using the website page. Orders need to be in by Thursday morning.

Veg Delivery
Peter and Sarah Wyman have seen a big reduction in orders but are still operating the service for now.

Warings are suspending deliveries in September but plan to restart them in October.


Finally, thank you to everyone that has helped, has offered help, and generally chatted to me about this along the way – it’s been a strange time, but not all bad !  I think we’re lucky to live in a lovely community.

If you have any thoughts on this please mail me at or leave a comment on the page.



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