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Remembrance Sunday

Ahead of Remembrance Sunday on 8th November, I list below the names of those from Hankerton that fell in the two World Wars.

Apologies for a mistake on this post. The main list of names is from the first war and Jack Tugwell was from the second war.

From the First World War:

Arthur (Jack) Tugwell

From the Second World War:

Frank Gardner
Alfred Hayes
Edgar Law
Fred Law
Reginald Loder
Albert Painter
George Pennell
Thomas Smith (Commonwealth War Grave in our churchyard)
Arthur Woodward

Below is a war poem by May Cannan.

Philip Carter

by May Cannan
She worked as a nurse in France during WW1 and was also in Military Intelligence in Paris.

Down on the boulevards, the crowds went by,
the shouting and the singing died away
and in the quiet, we rose to drink the toasts,
our hearts uplifted to the Hour, the Day
The King-The Army-The Navy-The Allies-
England-and Victory.
(The tables were abuzz with revelry).
Then you turned to me and said with a low voice
“I have a toast for you and me”
and whispered “Absent” and we drank to
“Our unforgotten Dead”,
but I saw Love go lonely down the years
and when I drank, the wine was salt with tears.

Poppy Appeal

This year there will be no door to door poppy collection in the village but I do have some poppies which I am willing to let anyone requiring one have. Either call at 22 Follyfield or contact me on 577946 and I will pop some round.

If you wish to make a donation to the Poppy Appeal, whether or not you want a poppy, please do so online at

Thank you
Claudine Pynn