The Hannah Ludlow Charity

Hopefully, as a result of previous Grapevine articles and word of mouth, most parishioners will be aware of this village charity, but with new arrivals in the village this brief notice aims to maintain that awareness. The simple aim of the charity is to help members of our community who are in a position of need, hardship or distress.

Although trustees of the charity try to be aware of those who may qualify for such support, it could quite easily be the case that some hardship or distress may be unknown to them, and a request for assistance can be made directly by the affected person, or by a friend, neighbour or relative on their behalf.

Applications for support can be made whenever that need arises to :

The Chairman
Hannah Ludlow Charity
1 Cloatley Road
SN16 9LA

All verbal approaches or correspondence are treated in strictest confidence, and only open to the Chairman and trustees of the charity.

As a small charity the support that can be given is limited, but even a little financial gesture reinforces that fellow villagers do care, and it may help to make a difference in outlook for that person in need.

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