Open Letter to Wiltshire Council

The Parish Clerk has asked me to post the following open letter to Wiltshire Council.

It concerns solar farm developments.

Open Letter to Wilts Council re industrial-scale renewables developments 31.03.2021

Appendix to Parish Council open letter dated 31 March 2021

1 thought on “Open Letter to Wiltshire Council

  1. craigmccallum2013

    Thanks for this information and I can add my input as follows:
    1. Why is there so much solar farm activity around the Minety area while there is little similar activity in other parts of the County?
    2. I couldn’t see a fully costed cost/benefit analysis which should have accompanied all such planning applications.
    3. Is this plan part of the County’s long term plan and what are the proven benefits and risks associated with the technology?
    4. While I welcome such sustainable development, having passed my own OU degree in environmental studies several years ago, more detail is required with respect to cost and environmental impact.


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