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Dawn – Dusk Running Relay

Avie David’s Fund Raising Campaign
Charity Dawn – Dusk Running Relay

This Saturday 29th May, Crudwell school dads’, Gareth Jones (31 Follyfield), Dan Wood with the help of Dan’s brother Martin, will be attempting a dawn-dusk continuous running relay. They will be starting the Charity running relay at 6am on Saturday morning.

The event has been organised for Avie David (Gareth’s niece), who is fund-raising for spinal surgery.
Gareth, Dan and Martin will be taking turns running continuous laps of Crudwell village, from dawn (from 6am) until dusk, each lap being 1.8 miles, nonstop for 12 hours.
The event will be based from the school grounds, with a donation bucket, aid station for the runners, and a charity cake stall.
(See map below for route)

Please come along to show your encouragement, make a donation, buy a cake or even run a lap with the guys to show your support!
Many thanks

Best Kept Village

Hankerton has entered the Best Kept Village competition again this year. 

Judging will take place on any one day between 17 May-13 June.  It is NOT a ‘best flowerbeds’ or ‘best hanging baskets’ competition, it’s just a question of how well we all look after the village space. 

The key point for all is – pick up any litter you see anywhere within the village boundary – ie. anywhere within the village name-board signs. 

Additional points – remove spiderwebs etc in the defibrillator kiosk and old leaves blown into the bus shelter – that sort of thing.

MBG – Parish Clerk

Voting Extra

Voting will take place, as in previous elections, on 6th May in Hankerton Church, so not far for you to walk.

How to avoid breaking the law when you vote during General Election 2019 -  Derbyshire Live

If you have a postal vote, you can deliver it to the church and the exercise will do you good!

Philip Carter

Election Day – Thursday 6th May

Election day is this week

It’s now just one week to go until a number of elections take place.

On 6 May the Wiltshire Council unitary, town and parish, and Police and Crime Commissioner elections take place – there are also a number of neighbourhood plan referendums on the same day.

If you’re not already registered to vote, it’s unfortunately too late to register now.

The polling stations will be open from 7am until 10pm and you can find your local polling station on the Wiltshire website, it will also be printed on your polling card. Please be aware that your polling station may be different to previous elections, so please check before you set off. There are 348 stations up and down the county.