Best Kept Village Report

This is the report from the judges :

We visited Hankerton in glorious weather and the Wiltshire countryside looking its best.

Our first stop was Follyfield.  We found the housing area clean and tidy and no sign of litter. Gardens were fine with some very well managed and colourful.  We thought the conversion of the no-longer-in use BT red telephone box for the village defibrillator, a good idea. The red box was immaculate.

We moved on to the bus shelter which includes a plaque dedicated to the memory of a villager who died in the war and an excellent map showing the many footpaths around the village.  The bus shelter was immaculate and the Noticeboard content current. We walked along several of these paths and found them open, easily accessed and litter free. We saw no dog fouling anywhere in the village.

The North aisle of the church doubles as a Village Hall and from the Village Report much village activity is centred here, including Parish Council meetings, club events and weekly coffee mornings. The churchyard was well looked after and the conservation area on the North side of the churchyard was in line with a trend to set aside parts of churchyards for flowers, grasses, insects and mammals.

There is a small outdoor amenity area with limited equipment. Grass was mowed and the area looked tidy.  In due course an up-grade in play-ground equipment for younger children is planned for this area. The upgrade will be very welcome in the village. We noticed the clearing of ditches as part of the village effort to off-set run off from the fields.

The useful small businesses workshops a mile or so to the North of the village centre were tidy, well signed and litter free.

The village website is a source of lots of local information including a Parish Council section. The social and activity clubs and Church also have pages with all the relevant information needed to keep residents informed and to be able to participate in activities.

June 2021

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