Environment Agency investigating illegal waste sites operating in central and north Wiltshire

The Environment Agency has been investigating illegal waste sites in central and Northern Wiltshire. Waste and scrap metal is being burnt and illegally processed, causing environmental damage, creating a fire risk and health hazard. If you are getting waste removed by a waste carrier, or a tradesman is getting rid of waste for you, make sure you understand your waste duty of care to stop your waste falling into the wrong hands.

  • ask where they will get rid of your waste
  • check their waste carrier’s licence
  • get a receipt for the waste they are removing

If they can’t give you any of this information, don’t give them your waste. Don’t pay cash and refuse unexpected offers to take waste away.

Search ‘waste carriers public register’ to check licences online or go straight to: https://environment.data.gov.uk/public-register/view/search-waste-carriers-brokers. You can also call the Environment Agency contact centre on tel. 03708 506 506

More guidance on waste duty of care can be found online at gov.uk – search. ‘waste duty of care code of practice’

Article author: Ed Troughton – Waste Crime Engagement, Environment Agency

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